Friday, December 4, 2015

Our three boys

Few photos of our awesome boys--

throwing rocks in the water never gets old

Too cute

This big guy gave his "baby"/pacifier to the garbage man-- such a big boy!

Apple picking in Hood River

Quite the outfit-- and yes, he did wear this to school :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few months later....

3 kids is no joke :)  Getting harder to update the blog!  In fact, as I type, Isaac waking up from nap, so this will again be delayed.

Here goes again--

Our sweet, happy Isaac!

A motley crew... they love the mud!
brothers and cousins(and neighbors!)--so much fun!
Trouble to come...

spoiled by Marty who gave them a warm bath outside

Dozer Days!!!!
An event Ollie has counted down for 12 months...
where kids get behind the wheel

Teddy and buddy Greta-- so glad she moved 3 blocks away!

Ollie is very sweet with Isaac-- and can usually make him laugh

Cousin Drew-- at the Bear Hut

it was only a short way that Ollie was carried (after falling and lots of tears), but still....
thanks goodness Marty is strong

Happy Birthday, Teddy!!!
Our funny, mischievous little guy who melts our hearts is 2

2 different strawberry desserts that he loved

We made it (barely!) to Cape Cod for a reunion with two of my close friends from medical school...
We had a great time with their families and it was like old times-- with the addition of 9 children between the 3 of us :)
Ollie loved the carousel ride at a nearby museum
Spoiled to be across the street from the beach

Teddy with Mary Grace

I'm scared for when he turns 16!

Yummy ice cream at Nana's with Christina and Bernie

The boys LOVED the kayak ride along the shore with Daddy

Cousin Hannah is so fashionable!

Cousin Monica loves to hold Isaac--and he loves her

First family hike since Isaac born-- Wahclella Falls-- a success

Just keeps getting cuter

These two have become quite the buddies--my favorite is when Ollie takes Teddy's hand to pull him to do something 
Yay for a visit from Tia and Tio!

Birthday boy Ollie (he's 4!!!!) with birthday girl Tia 

Best Buddies Ollie and Ben

Isaac is now 5 months and our biggest boy at this age.
Still such an easy going boy who is laughing, squealing, and just an all around 
awesome baby

And this is what happens when I work all day on a weekend :)
I wouldn't mess with Teddy 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Isaac Michael has arrived!

Isaac was born March 11!  He weighed 7lb 2 oz and was 20.5 inches long.  He is perfect!  We are blessed!!!  His big brothers Ollie and Teddy ADORE him.  All day long they want to know where he is, want to see him, and want to smother him with kisses.

Shortly after birth.
Auntie Kori caught him!
My mom and Kori have been present for all 3 births--this was the first one that was in middle of the night, though!

And Happy Birthday to Daddy!
He took the boys rock climbing in the morning.
Then a dinner celebration with family at my parents'.